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by Adam Rumanko on Dec 13, 2021


With the Christmas holidays approaching, we have prepared for you a selection of our ten tips for gifts that could please you and your loved ones and at the same time support quality local brands. Even though we know that the most important part of Christmas is undoubtedly family well-being and the presence of our loved ones, many of us like to find even imaginative little things under the tree given out of love .

1. Peelo wax wipes and bags

We at Peelo honestly guard our values ​​and have been bringing quality wax products to your homes for two years. Our goal is to help create greener homes and protect our planet Earth. We have included wax napkins for food and bread wrappers in our selection.

2. Healthy Elixir Malinna

As repeated so many times, health first is needed now more than ever. Elixir Mint from the Slovak brand Malinna is a liquid nutritional supplement based on herbal extracts of organic oils, essential oils and sea salt. This healthy drink, for example, metabolizes and helps eliminate accumulated waste, heavy metals and toxins in the body, and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and its cleansing.

3. News

Novesta is a Slovak brand founded in 1939 by shoemaker Jan Antonín Baťa in Partizánske. The factory in the middle of Slovakia creates truly unique and timeless designs popular all over the world. Novesta's iconic model is without a doubt their STAR MASTER, with a characteristic rubber print that carries its own trademark. In addition to high-quality design, we can also talk about the attitude to production with the highest environmental standards.

4. Kvitok natural cosmetics

Slovak cosmetics that have a gentle natural composition and support the natural function of the skin. Their offer includes solid shampoos, various creams, masks, body balms, shower gel and cosmetics for the little ones. Kvitok is currently working on its own recycling system , because they want their cosmetics to leave as small an ecological footprint as possible.

5. Domin & Kušický

"If winemaking, then ecological...", with these words, in 1996, Ing. Jan Domin. 40 hectares of BIO wine and natural wine without added chemicals . There is the Domin & Kušický brand today. In addition, they are working on getting the winery a biodynamic designation, which will take them to a completely different level within our region. We're keeping our fingers crossed for them.

6. Slowlandia

You can't go wrong with chocolate, and that's why we've also included in our selection world-awarded delicacies from nuts and cocoa, which are made in a family manufactory in Nitra. The company's main draw is their hazelnut and kakka delicacy called Slowtella.

7. Moonlou

The Moonlou brand has set itself the goal of helping and spreading a philosophy about hair loss. Thanks to their turbans, headbands and hats, they want to help women feel beautiful and themselves and also motivate them to be brave and love their imperfections . At the same time, according to them, the brand is the answer to the lack of nice, comfortable and functional headgear.

8. Creeme underwear

Every woman is sure to be pleased with quality underwear. It will make you happy twice if it is sustainable and made in Slovakia from 100% organic undyed cotton and is designed for sensitive skin while providing great comfort. In Creema, they claim that only 8 panties are enough for a woman for the whole month. One week is equal to seven days, and thus 7 panties and an eighth in a washing day.

9. Book Space for Mom by Mama Gang

Space for Mom is not a typical mother's book. The uniqueness of the book lies in the fact that it addresses the needs of mothers, not children. According to the authors, each mother creates each book based on her feelings and experiences. The book is divided into three main chapters - New Mom, Good Enough Mom and Satisfied Mom and is dedicated to mothers finding themselves again and being able to move on.

10. Social therapy game

Social therapy is a Slovak social card game, which is designed to make moments more enjoyable and to get to know each other in an unconventional way with your loved ones, friends, or family. While playing, you will find out about yourself in a fun way, even what you didn't know. By swiping the card, you open a world full of fun and getting to know each other.

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