The Peelo brand story

Inspired by the way, created by nature


The idea for Peelo was born in our four-wheeled box - a 1997 Nissan "Henry" Homy campervan that became our home for a year.

"With two backpacks and no plan, we flew to the other side of the world to pick up the pace and a lot of things in our lives."

The more time we spent on the road and in nature, the more we realized how few things we need to live. We didn't even have a choice, we shared the only shelf in the car for all our personal belongings.

In that small space, we soon realized how much waste we create every day just as a couple. And also how much waste we carry with us on the way back from every hike.

It was during this period that we first discovered wax wipes in a shop. We knew immediately that we were missing something like that at home.


After our return, it took us almost a year to materialize our idea into a product that we were 100% satisfied with, a product that is high quality and fair to our nature. And in order to be really proud of it, we decided to produce it at home in Slovakia.