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Peelo is a beeswax wrap that allows food to breathe, keeps it fresh longer and replaces single-use plastics

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Step 2 - Wash

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Throw away less food and save your wallet

Peelo Starter Pack

1 MULTI PACK - Mix of 3 beeswax wraps

MULTI PACK - Mix of 3 beeswax wraps

€18.90 €16.90

Save €2.00

2 Beeswax Pouch - MEDIUM

Beeswax Pouch - MEDIUM


3 Peelo Fix - Beeswax blend


Peelo saves up to 300 meters of food foil


What is Peelo beeswax wrap?

More than 10,000+ households already pack in Peelo

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Great wraps

"Peelo napkins are great, I've been using them for the second year, mainly to pack snacks for the children at school. The snacks packed in them are fresh and fragrant, they're easy to maintain, they last for many months. I definitely recommend them!"

Lenka V., Czechia

An incredible surprise

"I have to say that I didn't believe it from the beginning and when it arrived the woman laughed at me for what nonsense I ordered it again... now I have to say that the bread after a week is as if I bought it the day before, still fresh poppy seeds... and the fact that probably the first times since we ate an ENTIRE bread...
I will definitely recommend this product to my friends..."

Adrián V., Slovakia

Great experience

"I have had a great experience with the company Peelo. Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the breadth of the offer, but they were also willing to send the goods abroad, the order arrived very quickly and perfectly fine. I have to appreciate the small size of the package 😊 I am extremely satisfied with the products, I am glad that my household is now a little more eco-friendly and smells lovely like wax. I think the pastry bag is the best."

Katarína K., Great Britain

Wraps are great

"The wraps are great, the large design is nice, I use them especially for bowls that I want to put in the fridge and I don't have the original lid:) but I feel that they hold less on some materials.. just the right size :)) I definitely recommend it, as it is more ecological like the foil I used before"

Denisa B., Slovakia

Perfect experience

"Tried. In that fragrant bag, my bread didn't get moldy in 10 days and was edible without making it into toast. Great, I'm already looking forward to the reaction of the October birthday girl, who will also receive it."

Gabriela M., Slovakia

It really works

"It really works. The bread stays fresh much longer than we have had before. I am glad that I bought this product. Thank you and I hope that there will be other new customers."

Rastislav P., Slovakia

A great helper

"I was looking for a long time for something that would keep the bread fresh longer. And then I discovered Peelo bags. They smell beautifully of beeswax, have beautiful colors and patterns. The bread really lasts for about 5 days. The bag is soft, so it's great to use work and bend the corners. Just rinse it with water and leave it open to dry and it's ready for the next use. It's great, that's why I already bought it for my mom :-)"

Martina B., Czech Republic

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