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Peelo in conjunction with a Slovak illustrator

wrote Staff Group of the day Aug 18, 2022

Peelo v spojení so slovenskou ilustrátorkou

Do you know what the motif celebrating the arrival of spring looks like by Slovak illustrator Kaiah Wessel?

When designing our new spring design, we joined forces with the young and talented illustrator Kaiah, who created for us a beautiful colourful motif Flowers - an original piece of design that combines Slovak tradition with a modern eye for detail. The result is our new collection of wax wipes. We really appreciate the collaboration with the illustrator, who currently lives in the USA, but comes from Slovakia.

Designing a pattern that will appeal to our customers and combining the ideas of the founders and illustrator is a great art, but our common ideas and goals came together right away and the collaboration was ready to begin!

We'll be bringing you an interview with illustrator Kaiah Wessel soon.

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